Session 8 : Creating a Library Story

Everyone likes a good library story. This session focuses on what makes a good story, how to use both facts and anecdotes to create a compelling story, and how different types of library stories will appeal to different audiences.

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  • Script : This customizable script explores how to develop a compelling story and recommends ways to make the content as relevant as possible. It also includes trainer talking points and suggestions for how to deliver the training and activities you could do.
  • PowerPoint Presentation : This PowerPoint provides a visual component to accompany the script and help create an interactive, engaging session. It will help you keep participants’ attention and the session on track.
  • Handouts : Handouts include a case study, a worksheet on how to create a compelling library story, and library story reminders and tips. In addition, sample scripts for the videos are provided, so you can create video examples of the four different story types.
  • Special note : This session's presentation includes four videos, demonstrating different types of stories: factual, anecdotal, inspirational and integrated. You can view them below and use the scripts provided in the handouts to create your own.