Welcome to Turning the Page: Supporting Libraries, Strengthening Communities! Whether you are planning an advocacy training for your public library or library system or you are a seasoned library advocate looking for ideas and inspiration, this site offers an advocacy training curriculum and resources that can help. The training curriculum is designed for the public library community – librarians, library directors, library staff, and partners – to help effectively advocate for funding, policies, and other support that will allow libraries to continue to meet the needs of their communities. The curriculum and the other resources on this site are free to use and to share.

What is the Advocacy Training Curriculum?

The curriculum is an advocacy training program that is customizable. It includes an Advocacy Training Implementation Guide – a recommended read before diving into the curriculum – and a set of 15 training sessions that each includes a trainer script, PowerPoint presentation, and handouts. An Advocacy Action Plan Workbook accompanies the training so participants can develop an advocacy plan for their library in real-time.

Where Do I Start?

Great question. Anyone planning an advocacy training for their public library or library system should start by reading the Advocacy Training Implementation Guide. It provides an overview of the curriculum and advice from people who have used it. You can find the guide and more information on using the curriculum by clicking the link below.


What Resources Are Available For Advocates?

Whether you are new to library advocacy or are looking for resources to help you conduct advocacy and measure your library’s impact on the community, we have tools, guides, and case studies you can use.